Upon the demand of our university’s Founding Foundation, Ufuk University has undertaken the mission of focusing on the Health Mission besides the other academic units. In addition to the existing Faculty of Medicine, Schools of Nursing and Vocational Schools of Health Services, the mission of the university in terms of health care will extend even more with the establishment of the Faculty of Dentistry.


As a matter of fact, in the third act of the settlement deeds of our Founding Foundation, the mission of ‘ preventing traffic, work, sports and other kinds of accidents, disasters and calamities, providing services such as social aid and rehabilitation services for the possible injuries and diseases caused by such accidents, establishing schools to train all kinds of required employees including higher education instutions, providing the necessary materials and equipments and cooperating with the related instutitions to supply the relevant education courses, seminars and the other scientific activities’ has been undertaken and this mission has been naturally redemised to the established university.


To achieve these goals, it is aimed to;


  • train individuals required for our country and encourage them to get involved in the fields of health care
  • train and prepare individuals for the future for the graduate level in the field of each department available such as the field of Law, Business Administration, Political Science and International Relations, International Trade belonging to the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences; Statistics and Psychology belonging to the Faculy of Science and Letters; Foreign Language Education and Guidance and Psychological Counselling belonging to the Faculty of Education and for all the possible departments that are being planned to be activated in the future.
  • motivate students to lead them to these targets with all its quality and quantity, and provide the basis to get a share in their relations with outer world and our country
  • provide the graduates to be beneficial for themselves, their families and their country.






In order to achive all the missions defined above, Ufuk University;


  • raises intellectual labour force that can contribute to the development of our country’s individuals’ standards of living through education, academic research and publishing, who has the required knowledge and skills and is sensitive to other people’s problems
  • contributes to our country’s cultivation and development through the academic study in relevant units
  • develops the students’ abilities to be able to adapt to the changing conditions, to respect to the individual rights, freedom, democracy and secularism as suggested by Atatürk and by internalising such beliefs, training individuals who can take risks and responsibilities, and thus who have sufficient social knowledge and ability along with good attitudes.
  • provides individuals who have internalised the contemporary teaching and learning methods and who have achieved the ability to transfer their knowledge for future generations
  • contributes to the country’s improvement through academic research, publications and motivating the ongoing training and education.